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Industrial Property Rights:
Including, but not limited to, those posted on the SITE or accessible via the website; all text, text, articles, photographs, images, pictures, sound clips, videos, software programs, computer code, collective web site content, LOVEKINI, and / or licensor , Turkish and foreign Intellectual Property Law and other related laws. In addition, processing and compilation of this website content is also protected by Turkish and foreign copyright laws on works. The user must also comply with additional notices, cautions, and restrictions regarding the copyrights of the content accessible through the website or the website.

LOVEKINI and Privacy Rights:
LOVEKINI, in accordance with its privacy rights, adheres to the following principles:
When information that personally identifies the user (“Personal Information”) is required, it must be asked explicitly. For example, if you wish to personalize the LOVEKINI homepage, you can ask LOVEKINI username and e-mail address, on the other hand, you may be asked for your personal information in a competition or a promotion. When the LOVEKINI homepage is operated, the user’s Personal Information can be used and information about the new features, services or products of LOVEKINI can be sent to the user from time to time.
A text file named ‘cookie’ can be placed in the browser’s web browser software of the user’s computer. Although the cookie itself does not contain any Personal Information about the user, it makes it possible for the Site to knowingly and specifically provide the information relating to how the Site is used by you, and to link the information provided by the Site.
If you believe this site does not comply with these guidelines, it is possible to access it via email at [email protected]

LOVEKINI may at any time and without any warnings and favors find suitable, and without permission, block access to the user’s website.
In the event of termination, the user has the authority to access the forum areas and the restrictions on the users related to the materials downloaded from the forum areas to the computer and the responsibilities in this agreement continue to be rejected and limited.
This deal, T.C. according to the law. If any provision of this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable for any reason, then such provision shall be deemed to have been removed from this agreement and the agreement shall remain valid for the remainder of the term.